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Takeovers Merger and Acquisition

INMACS advise and manage the acquisition of businesses from target search through to integration. Our approach is to deliver a successful acquisition. INMACS use teams comprised of corporate finance professionals and industry expert consultants to ensure that the intended benefits are actually achieved of Acquisitions. INMACS helps in defining the strategic objectives and financial implications of the acquisition, identifying target companies and make anonymous approaches to them and also advise on pricing, structuring the transaction, deal negotiation, taxation & other legal issues, compliance of Take-over Code and other related aspects.

Restructuring – to Change

INMACS also provides consulting services to rapidly secure synergies and acquisition benefits. By focusing on the operating outcomes that strengthen the acquisition strategy in light of the existing business, we reduce the period of uncertainty following the transaction and enhance returns. In each business area, we provide technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, while acting as the focal point for the restructuring of the entire business activity.

Due Diligence

INMACS conduct due diligence on acquisition and investment targets. We review the business – its dynamics and processes as well as the numbers, because the risks inherent in acquisitions rarely appear in the numbers We create value by giving opinions and practical advice, not simply confirming what you already know. INMACS have corporate finance, industry and tax experts, as well as lawyers and accountants, who are all directed at creating value by focusing on those areas where you will see immediate benefit. We focus on reducing and managing both inherent business risk and transaction risk to increase the likelihood of acquisition success. Our approach is not merely to identify potential problems and risk areas but to provide solutions as to how they can be overcome.

Raising Capital

INMACS advises and manages the raising of capital for management buy-outs, acquisitions, or to finance growth. Simply raising funds is not enough – we work to secure financing for clients at the lowest cost, from people they want to be in business with Depending on the situation, our program is likely to include:

  • Developing an appropriate capital structure – Minimizing funding costs.
  • Tailoring an investment proposition – Transforming the client’s need for capital into an exciting opportunity for financiers. 


INMACS provides valuation of business interests for a wide variety of planning and transactional applications. INMACS provides financial valuation and consulting services concerning the value or appraisal of equity interests and intangible assets. In the course of our work, we analyze ownership interests and rights, historical and prospective financial and operating performance, as well as the marketability and investment quality of the company or asset. Our recommendations are the result of a diligent application of accepted financial valuation methodology, informed judgment, research, and comparative investment analysis and are clear in jargon-free fashion.