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INMACS LIMITED a leading player in financial markets has emerged as a one-stop investment solution provider. With the globalization of Indian economy and continuous fall in the interest rates, the importance of financial markets has increased tremendously. The main aim and ethos of the company, backed by fundamentals has been to find ways of wealth creation by minimizing risk in the stock market i.e. to maximize return on ones investment and/or surplus funds is the everyday mantra. A lot of products are available in the market. What is required is a judicious mix of these products to earn maximum. It is here where INMACS LTD. plays a major role. With its vast experience and competent personnel it understands the market inside out and can pass on its valuable advice to the investor.

In brief the advantages of dealing with INMACS LTD. are:

  • Online transparent trading.
  • Efficient depository services.
  • Experienced investor advice.
  • Personalized service.
  • Competitive fee structure.
  • Dedicated Portfolio Management.
  • Loan syndication at attractive terms.
  • NRI investment advisory services.
  • Reliable and honest track record.

Rekha Sharma

Assistant Manager

Satish Kumar


Securities Trading

INMACS LTD. a SEBI registered broker with trading rights on National Stock Exchange, the most premier Stock Exchange of the country has its trading office situated at Nehru Place, one of the important commercial hubs of New Delhi. INMACS is also in the process of establishing necessary network to provide products recently introduced in Indian capital market. With modern communication channels it is able to provide efficient and transparent sale/purchase of equity shares, debentures and govt. securities etc. with the main emphasis being on client servicing. Being in the service industry, it understands fully the importance of its valued clients whether big or small.

Stock Broking – Secondary Market

INMACS is one of the leading securities house dedicated to serving the needs of large Institutional Investors, corporates, high net worth individuals and NRIs.

  • Member of National Stock Exchange and Dealer of OTCEI.
  • Gives a wide access to clients providing them with opportunities to execute deals at the best rates and competitive brokerages.
  • Provides value added investment advisory services through regular research reports analyzing companies, events, policies &      environment.
  • Working capital strength enables to execute large value deals on delivery versus payment basis.
  • Experienced dealing and back office teams have ensured high standards of execution and settlement for clients
  • No own account trading.